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Frequently Asked Questions:

Diamond Hand Profilers

1. What’s the nylon guide used for on Diamond Hand Profilers?
The nylon guide is used to keep the profiler from dipping when profiling. Press the nylon guide down on the top of the material and let it align to the surface of the stone will keep the profiler from dipping.

2. What is the life of a Diamond Hand Profiler?
The life for DAMO Diamond Hand Profiler will vary depending on the different classifications of granite hardness. It will last longer life for marble and less for granite.

DAMO Diamond Hand Profiler can achieve long life and fasters grinding action due to the “Vacuum Brazed Technology”.

3. Can I use Diamond Hand Profilers to profile Fiberglass material?
Yes you can.

4. What does the size of diamond hand profiler measure?
In the profiling industry, the 3/8" is not the size of the profiling result, but the size of the working surface, which is the thickness of your granite counter top or the hypotenuse corresponding to the height of the vertical direction. If you want to make an exact length of 3/8", it would need to be customized. The 3/16" profiler won't give you 3/16 " nor 3/8" profiling result, it will give you a relatively close to 1/4 " profiling result. Our manufacture uses CNC (computer controlled machine tool) to make the diamond hand profilers, therefore the measurement is very accurate.

Diamond Flexible Polishing Pads

1. What tips can you give for 1st time DIYs for polishing?
a. We recommend you to practice on a scrap piece of material you will be perform your polishing skills.
b. Always remove the excess slurry on the surface before go on to the next grit polishing pad.
c. Use some pressure at an angle when polishing.

2. Why use the 3-step polishing pads?
This dramatically reduced the steps of polishing job to produce a high quality shine compared to the regular polishing system. Great for DIY customers.

3. If I want to repair dull area on granite countertops, what Grit Polishing pads should I start using?
We recommend you to start with Grit 400 pads.

4. When Buff Pads are needed and which color to choose?
DAMO Buff pads are used as the last step if you want to achieve the mirror effect polishing result on granite or other natural stones. Black Buff is for dark stones but is generally okay for light color stones in most cases if you want to give the stones a slightly darker look. This will enhance the depth of color and increase the gloss. White Buff is for light color stones.

5.How to repair a small dull area on countertop?
To repair a small area of dull area on counter-top you need to use semi-rigid back holder, not rigid back holder and you have to attach the polishing pads to fit to the same size or smaller size back holder. For instance, 5” polishing pads attach to 5” back holder or 4” back holder.

When polishing the counter-top, there has to be a certain inclination angle between polishing pad and counter-top, about a 30 degrees angle, don’t polish on a plane.

It’s best to start at grit# 400 polishing pad, use an angled polishing technique with pressure and polish till all the white powder disappeared.

From grit# 400 polishing pad to Buff pad, your polishing surface area should gradually increase as you go to the next grit number polishing pad. To expand the area of polishing slightly as you go to the next grit number pad will prevent un-evenness from the original surface and therefore insure a smooth polishing result.

6.What power tool to use for DAMO dry polishing pads?
We would suggest you to use bosch variable speed angle grinder. Optimal speed 3,500- 4,000 RPM.

Power Tools

1. What’s the warranty on Power Tools?
All Power Tools have 6 months Warranty.


Diamond Core Drill Bits

1.Why use dry core drill bits over wet core drill bits?
It’s more convenient to use in residential area which saves time and money for clean-ups. You can also use the dry core drill bits wet as well.

Diamond Grinding Wheels

1. What is the difference between coarse and medium diamond grinding wheels?
DAMO coarse grinding wheels are for faster and more aggressive grinding and medium grinding wheels are for slower and less aggressive grinding.

2. Can the 4” diamond grinding wheel work on wood?
No, all diamond grinding wheels are designed to be used on stones, concrete, marble and glass surfaces.

3. Can the 4” diamond grinding wheel remove thinset from plywood?
Yes, you can also use diamond grinding disc as well. You can also use the side for cutting if needed.

Dust Shroud

1. Will the 5” dust shroud work on a dewalt 4 1/2" 18 volt grinder?
Please measure the collar size for your grinder. The collar size for Metal 5" Dust Shroud is 1-1/2" - 1-13/16" which is referred to the diameter of the hole on top where it would attach to your angle grinder. In most cases, the screw on dust shroud needs to be adjusted to tighten or loosen the collar before it can be used. Just loosen the lever and then adjust the screw and work it back into place. Once you get it in place, it will stay in place nor require re-tightening during your entire project.

Diamond Profile Wheel

1.Will the 6” diamond profile wheel fits 10” wet saw?
It fits on most 10” wet saws, but will also depend on the wet saw you have. For the 3/8” PW06B038M, the middle arbor diameter is 8mm and the thickness of the profile wheel is 12.25mm. For the 1/2” PW06B012M, the middle arbor diameter is 8mm and the thickness of the profile wheel is 19mm.

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