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Turbo Grinding Wheels 4" Coarse for Concrete / Granite Floor

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-Super aggressive due to the Multilayer Vacuum Brazed Tech.;
-Balanced by Dynamic Balancer;
-Swirl turbo segments for quick cooling of the working cups;
-Coarse type 30/40,used on grinders with 5/8"-11 spindles;
-Use dry or wet, maximum speed 11,000RPM.

DAMO's cup wheels are designed for profiling edges, smoothing out inside sinkhole cuts, smoothing rough surfaces, preparation of material for lamination and heavy stock removal. They are the premium choice for any grinding, shaping or beveling work of concrete, granite, and other stones.

Utilizing the latest "Multilayer Vacuum Brazed Technology," the cup wheels are super aggressive, so the operator doesn't need to apply a lot of pressure when pressing down, the cup wheels will naturally use the gravitational force for operation unlike the conventional cup wheels. They really make the job easy loaded for the operator.

All of DAMO's cup wheels are balanced by Dynamic Balancer, which will prevent your angle grinder to vibrate vigorously for unsafe operation as well as premature failure.

DAMO's cup wheels are designed with special swirl turbo segments which act as a turbofan for quick cooling of the working cup wheels. This will help prevent high temperatures that will lead to short life and less aggressiveness of the cup wheels.

The coarse type (diamond grits 30/40) is used for aggressive grinding. The medium type (diamond grits 70/80) is for slower grinding action.

They are designed for dry applications but work very well during wet applications. They can be used on most popular high-speed angle grinders with 5/8"-11 threaded spindles.

You may buy seperately our adapter 5/8"-11 to M14 to use with power tools with M14 thread spindle.

You may purchase separately our 5" Dust Shroud to help eliminate dusts for concrete floor applications. It is sturdy, simple and collects dusts very effectively with most vacuum systems.

Used this with a 4inch variable wet sander to remove cutback (linoleum glue). Use low to mid speed and adjust the water to where it just dribbles out. Don't have to press hard just take your time. Do a few sq feet then sponge up the slurry. Make sure to use plastic on the walls cuz its messy. Took up 35sq ft in about 2hrs, right down to the cement. Worked great!
Used this product to grind a granite cutout to accommodate a larger cooktop. It wasn't pretty but worked well. This was my 1st time using any sort of grinder so I blame the operator for the inexact edge. The edge is covered completely by the overhang of the new cooktop & can't tell it's not an exact square edge. Had to make the cutout about 1/4" deeper & since none of the granite installers in my area were willing to help me out, I accomplished the task with the help of this grinding cup wheel.
Bought this to work a peice of granite I have had for awhile. I hesitated on this purchase with no reviews, very pleased I bought it. It worked great for cleaning and straighting out edges. I even used it to knock off the top edge to give me a nice round over ( it took a bit of sanding too!). I worked this granite cutting the front edge with a skill saw, my cut was not a straight as I had hoped, using this wheel made fixing it a brease. Found it was best when used at about 2800 rpm. This wheel made the diffrence between an okay job and a looks like it was done professionally job! Another plus was I saved $100 not buying a proifle bit. Highly recommend this wheel. I am a DYI guy never worked granite before, but you would never know it looking at the finished product.
I needed a diamond grinding wheel that would attach to a small bosch angle grinder to shape and form some limestone slabs for a water feature I am building in my back yard. At first I balked a little at the cost of this tool but now that I have used it I realize it is worth every penny. It does exactly what I need it to. Fast material removal, good surface finish and its stood up to a LOT of use and still going strong and has plenty of grinding material left. I couldn't be more pleased.
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