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Dust Shroud

Metal 5-Inch Dust Shroud/Muzzle for Grinders / Concrete Grinding Diamond Cup Wheels

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-Full metal design - sturdy construction;
-A Velcro strip allows for height adjustment and is easy to replace;
-Excellent dust extraction efficiency;
-Max. collar size 1-13/16", please check before buying;
-Weighs 1.1 lbs. only.

The Dust Shroud is designed for use with diamond cup wheels for floor grinding applications. The max. collar size is 1-13/16" which fits most 4" to 5" hand grinders including Makita, Bosch, Dewalt and more. But it does not fit all grinders. Please check your collar size before buying. 

The collar dimension of 1-13/16" is referred to the diameter of the hole on top where it would attach to your angle grinder. In most cases, the screw on dust shroud needs to be adjusted to tighten or loosen the collar before it can be used. Just loosen the lever and then adjust the screw and work it back into place. Once you get it in place, it will stay in place nor require re-tightening during your entire project.

Outside diameter of hose connector is 1-1/4". If it does not fit your shop vac, you can duct-tape them together.

You may purchase separately our Diamond Turbo Grinding Cup Wheel for concrete floor applications. Utilizing the lastest "Multilayer Vacuum Brazed Technology" the cup wheels are super aggressive and long lasting and thus become the top quality in the markets.

Warning: Before installing or disassembling the dust shroud, please make sure the switch for the power tool is in the “OFF” position and the plug is not connected in power.

I used this with a Dewalt 4.5" grinder and a diamond cup wheel to do some work in my basement. I was able to connect the dust outlet to my shop vac with a smaller hose and adapter. I was amazed at how little dust escaped when grinding (virtually none!). I highly recommend this product. It is sturdy, simple, and it really works.
My first attempt at grinding high spots on cement slab was a complete success. This item did everything it was intended to do, just make sure you have a good dust collector (shopvac).
Attached it to a grinder with a cup grinding wheel to remove hardened carpet glue from my basement floor. With my shop vac providing suction there was very little dust that escaped. If you are going to be doing a similar job you cannot do it indoors without a shroud. I am glad that I purchased a metal one instead of plastic because I read that the plastic ones can disintegrate if they come in contact with the grinding wheel which is spinning at many thousand rpm.
As another reviewer mentioned, I purchased this dust shroud b/c of its metal construction, weary of the durability and performance of the plastic/rubber ones. And it was worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. From one DIYer to another, don't even think about doing a concrete grinding job without some sort of dust shroud.

I used this on a 4-1/2 in. DeWalt angle grinder (D28110) with a DeWalt (DW4770 4-Inch Grinding Cup Wheel. My project involved grinding concrete and thinset from a concrete subfloor that was left after the removal of ceramic tiles. I needed a flat surface before installing a bamboo floor. I was extremely impressed with the performance of this dust shroud. I would estimate it provided 90-95% dust-free grinding when hooked to a 6.5 HP shop vac. And note here that your vac actually has more to do with the dust free performance than the shroud itself -- keep the filter clean for maximum suction. The leather/velcro adjustable strap is designed well, worked great and barely shows signs of wear after use on 300+ sq. feet.

Other reviewers (and the actual product description) mention the use of duct tape to join the shroud to your vac hose, but what you need to get is a $10 Universal Tool Adapter. It's made of soft rubber, so it can be cut and stretched to fit the outlet on the shroud.

The only con involved tightening the colar, as the adjustment screw was burried by the grinder such that I couldn't get a screw driver on it. So I had to loosen the lever and then adjust the screw and work it back into place -- but once I got it in place, it never moved or required retightening during my entire project (probably 5 hrs. total).

Great product. Great value.
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