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Seam Setter

6-inch Seam Setter for Seam Joining & Leveling / Professional Countertop Installation

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-Achieve the finest seams for professional countertop installers;
-Two 6-inch hand pump vacuum suction cups for reliable hold;
-Two fine-tuned adjustable knobs for precise leveling;
-A fine-tuned adjustable knob for seam joining or opening;
-Made with long-lasting stainless steel components and aluminum tightening handles for heavy-duty stone tops.

DAMO 6-inch Seam Setters are professional seam setters which work on smooth and non-porous surfaces for joining seams.It features two 6" hand pump vacuum suction cups to hold the countertops firmly with ease, two fine-tuned adjustable knobs to make leveling precisely and a fine-tuned adjustable knob for seam joining or opening. The durable stainless steel and aluminum made components make it long-lasting and ideal for heavy-duty stone tops. Use two seam setters to achieve the best result on countertop slabs seaming with ease.

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