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Seam Setter

DAMO 4-1/2" Ratchet Seam Setter for Seam Joining & Leveling of Tiles /Stone slabs/Countertop

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-Two 4-1/2-inch suction cups;
-Ratcheting handle for seam joining;
-Adjustable knob for leveling;
-Load capacity: For distance adjusting only.

The 4-1/2-inch ratcheting seam setter is an inexpensive but valuable tool which work on smooth and non-porous surfaces for joining seams. It features two 4-1/2-inch suction cups, an adjustable knob to make leveling and a ratcheting handle for seam joining. Use two seam setters to achieve the best result on countertop slabs seaming.

How to use 4-1/2” Ratchet Seam Setter
1: Pull the ratchet handle to the end of the right to separate both sides of the suction cups.
2: Place the fixed (left) suction cup on the left slab. Make sure the blue head 's center is positioned at the edge of the left slab. Place the movable (right) suction cup on the right slab.
3: Push down the levers on the suction cups to secure a firm grip.
4: To join the seam, pull the ratchet handle back and forth until you are satisfied with a seamless appearance.
5: To level the slabs, make sure the blue head is positioned in between the seam joint. When you turn the level knob clockwise it will always contact the higher side of the seam first. Keep turning the level knob until the slabs are leveled.
6: Lift the levers on the suction cups to release the suction after seam has been completed.

Great investment. I cracked my countertops moving them around and needed a way to glue them together. The suction cups work really well. The blue thing in the middle is for leveling each side. You put it on the 'higher' side and screw down until the seams match. Only down side is I wish they sold a slight smaller one for around the sinks edges.
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